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20th May 2024

Emotions, twists and turns and sporting feats:

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Emotions, twists and turns and sporting feats:

The second edition of the Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB comes to a close in style

  • 6,000 registered runners, including 20% women at the start of all races
  • 4210 finishers (12,6% DNF)
  • More than 65 nationalities represented; 74% of the runners French
  • 19 charity bibs, raising €9,500 for the ELA association and the Châteaux Forts d'Alsace
  • 4 races from Friday to Monday, from 100M to 20K
  • 827 volunteers mobilised in support
  • 4 host towns and 31 towns encountered

The second edition of the Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB has come to an end in a festive atmosphere after 4 days of remarkable sporting performances. More than 4818 runners from 65 different countries took part in one of the four races on offer, each exploring the natural wonders and heritage of the region.

Despite a few vagaries of the weather that were particularly testing for the 100K participants during part of the night conditions improved, allowing everyone to enjoy the races and the spirit within the Ultra trail village which contributed to the outstanding success of this year's event.

The races began in the heart of three emblematic towns with medieval charm: Colmar, Barr and Orschwiller, all of which vibrated to the enthusiasm of the trail runners, their supporters and spectators. Whatever the format, runners were able to cross world-famous sites such as the castles of Haut-Koenigsbourg and Hohlandsbourg or the abbey of Mont Sainte-Odile, while traversing the region's vineyards and verdant forests. Each of the races offered them an enchanting spectacle and a total immersion in local history and culture. From the first to the last, they were unanimous: what a unique sensation to pass through these majestic castle along the way! Elites and amateurs alike completed their wild ride with a triumphant finish in Obernai, where the historic ramparts welcomed them in an incredible atmosphere.

Above all, this second edition was distinguished by some exceptional performances and a flurry of records! Sébastien Spehler, a native of Colmar, got the ball rolling by winning the 100M in 17:24:21, surpassing his time from the previous year. The 100K also saw records broken for both the men, with Théo Detienne finishing in 10:12:25, and the women, with Anna Carlsson in 12:26:01. The 50K was no exception, with a men's record set by Sammy Chelangat in 03:33:31 and a women's record set by Marie Goncalves in 04:29:31. Each race raised the bar, showing that the athletes were excelling more and more on the Alsatian courses.

These performances illustrate the growing competitiveness and prestige of the event, which also attracted talent from neighbouring countries such as Belgium, with two athletes each brilliantly taking a 3rd place Isabelle Wasmes in the 100K and Germany, with Benedikt Hoffmann taking 2nd place in the 50K and Simone Schwarz 3rd in the 100K. Swedish athletes also made their presence felt in the ultra formats, with Jenny Josefsson dominating the 100M and Anna Carlsson in the 100K. The event ended with a remarkable finish by two Kenyan athletes, Sammy Chelangat and Kipsang Cheboi, who enjoyed an impressive triumph in their first trail race in Europe, taking 1st and 3rd place respectively with Sammy setting a new record in the 50K.

“The second edition of the Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB was a huge success despite the difficult weather conditions. The exceptional sporting results and the large crowds turned this international event into a huge popular celebration. The entertainment and enthusiasm of the public created a unique atmosphere. A huge thank you to the 827 volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible. See you next year for a new adventure!” Mathieu Pettinotti, Technical Director of the Trail Alsace Grand Est by UTMB.


100M. The Ultra-Trail des Chevaliers en Région Grand Est, which began in Colmar, saw Alsatian Sébastien Spehler (UTMB Index 895) brilliantly win the event in 17:24:21, setting a new record (17:53:44 in 2023). The podium remained French with Florian Pierre taking 2nd place in 18:17:19, followed by Clément Desille (UTMB Index 815) in 18:51:27. On the women's side, Sweden's Jenny Josefsson (UTMB Index 625) dominated, finishing in 24:04:30, followed by Italy's Francesca Canepa (UTMB Index 698) in 26:35:00, and Belgium's Isabelle Wasmes (UTMB Index 537) in 29:10:02.

100K. The Ultra-Trail des Païens saw some remarkable performances and a new men's and women's record. Frenchman Théo Detienne (UTMB Index 872) crossed the finish line first in 10:12:25 (10:29:04 in 2023). He was followed by his French compatriot Régis Ruchaud (UTMB Index 787) in 10:44:38. Belgian Xavier Diepart (UTMB Index 808) completed the podium in 10:52:35. On the women's side, Sweden's Anna Carlsson (UTMB Index 723) dominated and set a record by finishing in 12:26:01 (13:16:16 in 2023), ahead of France's Jennifer Kaiser (UTMB Index 662) in 13:04:20 and Germany's Simone Schwarz (UTMB Index 654) in 13:53:06.

50K. The Trail des Celtes celebrates an exceptional men's podium and a new record! Kenyan athlete Sammy Chelangat finished in 03:33:31, beating last year's time of 03:48:07 set by local favourite Grégory Basilico (UTMB Index 828). He was followed by Germany's Benedikt Hoffmann in 03:43:20 (UTMB Index 885) and Kenyan athlete Kipsang Cheboi in 03:43:41. The women's competition was just as impressive. Frenchwoman Marie Goncalves (UTMB Index 727) led the way with a remarkable time of 04:29:31, ahead of South African Megan Mackenzie (UTMB Index 710) who finished in 04:38:15. France's Diane Rassineux (UTMB Index 670) followed in 3rd place, completing the podium in 04:46:30.

20K. The Trail des Pèlerins, which started in Barr at 10.30am, was won by Poland's Dominik Tabor (UTMB Index 867), who brilliantly won the race in 02:20:33 (02:33:26 the time in 2023). Frenchman Dorian Louvet (UTMB Index 786) took 2nd place in 02:46:00 after finishing 3rd last year. He was closely followed by Ludovic Bour who completed the podium in 02:48:35. In the women's race, the first two places went to France, with Émilie Tissot (UTMB Index 562) leading the way in 02:58:12 (03:10:13 in 2023), ahead of Noémie Le Govic (UTMB Index 603) in 03:10:46. Belgium was proudly represented by Stéphanie Cappelle (UTMB Index 378), who finished 3rd in 03:18:53.

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