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Ultra Trail des Chevaliers 50K

Trail des Celtes

Legend has it that if you go there at night, you can meet elves. On this intermediate route, which follows the path of wonders to the meeting place of Saint Odile, you will see the peaks of the Bloss and the Heidenkopf.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


50 KM

Elevation Gain

1990 M+

Start Date

Monday 20th May 2024

Race Start

Barr - 07:00

Max Allowed Race Time

10 Hours

Introduction to the Trail des Celtes

Celtic ballad at the summit

Celtic ballad at the summit

You will set off on this 50K trail from Barr, a wine-growing town in the foothills of the Vosges mountains. After leaving the wine trails, the course goes into the forest to reach the first of the 7 castles crossed by the course. When you arrive at the top of the Bloss, you will be able to admire a succession of clear panoramas before discovering the Mont Sainte-Odile, emblematic place of the region watching over the plain of Alsace. Over the next sixteen kilometers, you will evolve at the foot of the other castles to move away from the plateau of the Fairies and regain the legendary atmosphere of the elves until the summit of the Heidenkopf near an ancient Celtic site. The most courageous can climb the steps of the Mündel tower and marvel at the 360° view. After this last difficulty, the course will continue in the middle of the vineyards and will go towards the city of Rosheim, famous for its doors, vestiges of the fortifications of the city, before joining the arrival on the ramparts of Obernai.

2024 map & profile

Cut-off times and time charts may evolve in the upcoming months.


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