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5th December 2023

Christmas Markets in Alsace

Immerse yourself in the Enchantment of Christmas Markets in Alsace: Tradition, Magic, and Authenticity

Christmas markets, a true institution in Alsace, open their doors, inviting everyone to wander among the quaint stalls, carried away by the delicate aromas of festive treats. This unique experience transports you to the heart of Alsace, where the magic of Christmas awakens from November 25, enveloping the region in a gentle atmosphere of enchantment until Epiphany on January 6.

Unique Atmosphere:

Streets come alive with the excitement of Saint Catherine's Day, revealing the soul and authenticity of Alsace. Scents of spices, honey, and citrus blend with the lights of enchanted December nights. Advent chants resonate in the villages, transforming Christmas into a magical experience.

Timeless Values:

Carried by tales and legends, the Advent season takes on an attire of mystery and enchantment. Traditions spanning centuries intertwine with ancestral beliefs, making Alsace a land of unique legends, animating Advent evenings until Epiphany.

Legendary Christmas Markets:

The Christmas market, a popular tradition, brightens up Alsace's towns and villages. Let yourself be carried away by the aromas of treats, warm yourself with mulled wine's captivating scents. Artisans showcase their craftsmanship, offering a variety of local products and unique gift ideas.

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