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Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for Sunday, May 20

Monday, the morning will have a slightly cloudy sky, with only a few low clouds or fog at dawn, followed by clear spells. Cumulus clouds will then develop in the afternoon, but the risk of thunderstorms will initially be confined to the high massif (Donon, Champ du Feu, Bagenelles). It is only after 4 PM that a slight risk of local overflow cannot be excluded up to the piedmont and the vineyard areas, though it is not certain either. It is quite possible to go through the entire day avoiding showers.

If a shower does occur, the phenomena will be in line with the previous ones: brief heavy rains, some thunderclaps, and wind up to 50 km/h.

Temperatures will range from 10 to 12°C at dawn in the plains and 9-10°C at 700m. During the day, it will be a bit warmer, with 18-19°C at 700m and 21-23°C in the plains.