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Weather Forecast

Weather forecast for Sunday, May 21

  • 17°C at 7 AM in plain, barely less in mountains (16°C). If the mean remains around 24 °C in plain at 2 PM due to a few extreme isolated scenarios, the median remains around 23°C. However, the feeling could be warmer due to a very sunny weather expected.
  • No precipitation expected.
  • Slightly persisting wind in the morning (noon for the mountains), clear trend toward calmer conditions for the second half of the afternoon.

Weather forecast for Saturday, May 20

  • At the coolest at night, on average 11-12°C in mountains and 15°C in plain. Temperatures could reach approximately 18-19°C at peak (mid-afternoon), on average 20 to 22°C in plain;
  • No precipitation expected.
  • The north-eastern wind will still be slightly present, especially in the early afternoon when the mean wind could overcome the 20 km/h, and could lower slightly the temperature feeling. Gusts are expected in the afternoon, especially in plain where they could locally overcome 50 km/h.

Weather forecast for Friday, May 19

UPDATE 19.05 - 05:30pm

  • Average temperature of 18°C in plain at peak (2 PM) with a bit more upward risks and better conditions the following night where the temperatures should remain above 12°C in plain, 10-11°C on the mountains possibly felt cooler due to wind and locally (altitude) below 10°C.
  • No rain expected.
  • A few gusts around 40 km/h could be experienced in the afternoon (rather in plain) but nothing really impacting (mean wind < 20 km/h). The wind should however decrease during the night.